This Site Has Become Florida Creatives

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If you are still subscribed to this RSS feed, this is a very late notification that these posts will all be migrated over to shortly. Florida Creatives takes the same creative spirit behind this podcast and incorporates a tangible element: at this time, a group of 50 or so people is meeting each third Monday of the month at the Crooked Bayou in Downtown Orlando.

Please change your subscription, as Liberatr::Art::meta() will be dissolving sometime this year. Thank you for your support, comments, suggestions and your listenership, and thanks to Ashley, Carlos and Phil, as well as Vlad and Wendy for doing these initial interviews. Your permalinks will still be good and the downloads for the mp3s will still work for a little while, but make sure you check Florida Creatives if you ever lose them.

I’d especially love for all of our past guests to attend the meetup in March on the 19th or April on the 16th.

Ryan Price